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When it comes to choosing the right janitorial cleaning services you want to select a highly professional team, with experienced cleaning professionals. At O’Donnell Cleaning it’s not only our dedication to delivering high-quality janitorial services, that makes us a first choice cleaning service, it’s the provided with every cleaning service. Our cleaning professionals work out of our Cleveland location and provide cleaning services across about a 50-mile radius of our location. As a highly experienced commercial cleaning service, we demand the same standards from our team, as a promise to you with each contract.

Office Cleaning

Our cleaning specialists set up a schedule for how often you want your facility cleaned & the thoroughness for each cleaning. Janitorial Cleaning Services usually occurs 2-5 times a week, while more detailed cleaning happens usually 1-4 times a month. Plans are based on individual business needs and are subject to change weekly based on the depth of cleaning services needed. We provide our office cleaning services to any type of office facility including all medical offices. Our cleaning team understands the sensitivity of today’s work environment and creates a schedule around your normally scheduled business hours. We offer our Covid cleaning services with or without regularly scheduled janitorial cleaning services.

Janitorial Cleaning Services

Retail Cleaning

Retail Stores are usually kept clean by store employees but bringing in a team for deep cleanings is important. Cleaning teams allow areas to be cleaned that aren’t normally touched by employees every day & disinfection services are highly important for the safety of employees. We provide store opening and closing cleaning services as well with additional features such as entry sign removal or post renovation cleaning. As a retail cleaning service, we are dedicated to providing professional customer service to those on the front lines. Protecting the health & safety of every employee is our number one priority.

Commercial Cleaning

Since established in 2008, our primary focus from the start has been our dedication to providing high-quality commercial cleaning services. We specialize in Construction Clean Up Services & are equipped to work with any type of commercial business. We offer specialized services when necessary such as detailed floor care or upholstery cleaning. We take pride in being one of Cleveland’s premier commercial cleaning options and deliver a high-quality cleaning experience with each service.

Commercial Services

As an established commercial janitorial service, we pride ourselves on being a leader in customer service, cleaning efficiency, and high-quality detail management. We ensure that each one of our client’s employees can sleep easy at night, knowing that they will return to a clean and disinfected facility. When establishing a cleaning plan we work with business owners to develop a schedule and include all cleaning points of contact. After cleaning jobs we continue contact with owners to ensure that everything is up to standards and that everything they wanted in their cleaning plan is being covered. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction every time and work together with clients to reach this goal if we miss it.

Covid Cleaning Services

As with all of our cleaning services we offer routine disinfecting and sanitizing services as an add-on to our janitorial services. All of our cleaning employees are trained to follow all company standard cleaning practices, as well as all of our standards disinfectant cleaning policies. This allows for our team to seamlessly transition one aspect of a cleaning plan into another, without having to set up extra dates to come and visit your facility. Having an all-in-one company can save you time, stress, and allows for business owners to focus on other aspects of business & leave the cleaning/sanitation to us.

Home Cleaning Services

Leave your home in the hand of the cleaning gurus! Hiring an experienced home cleaning service will leave you with peace of mind knowing that your home is being cleaned right the first time. At O’Donnell Cleaning we ensure that every job is done to 100% customer satisfaction, and hold ourselves accountable for anything less. We are a cleaning company built around family values, and we bring our core values with us to every home. Not only a company that cleans, but we also bring our hospitality & integrity with us to every cleaning service.

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