Construction Cleaning Services

Construction Cleaning Services





O’Donnell Cleaning

Established. 2008

Pre Construction Cleaning Services

Managing a construction site can be a very stressful operation, even more so when it comes time for a pre-inspection, but finding a well managed construction cleaning service can help take some of that stress off your shoulders. Our cleaning team understands the importance of a pre-inspection cleaning, as it allows construction companies to alleviate safety concerns, put a spotlight on workmanship, and add that extra touch of shine to your worksite. We provide our construction cleaning services out of our Downtown Cleveland location & service anywhere in The Greater Cleveland Area. For More information on our pre-inspection cleaning services contact our cleaning experts now!

Post Construction Cleaning Services

O’Donnell Cleaning specializes in post construction cleaning. Our detail oriented cleaning system includes a 3 step dry, wet, dry wiping system, and a 3 bucket cleaning system when mopping. Our 3 part wiping method allows for efficient cleaning after drywall messes, and insures that we leave you with a restored space. We are a construction cleaning company that understands how to react & overcome to the different challenges of each job.

We operate through cleaning business contracts & develop a written plan for customized for each and every job based on individual needs. On top of your routine drywall dust cleanup, we offer professional carpet cleaning services/ hardwood floor cleaning services at the clients request. As a residential cleaning service who also offers office cleaning services, we are prepared for any type of facility.

Cleaning Checklist

O’Donnell Cleaning works of a set checklist of cleaning duties, to insure that each and every member is fully completing their job, and to guarantee 100% satisfaction for our clients. Our checklist allows us to run a cleaning service that can clean small businesses to large construction zones highly efficiently. With almost 15 years of construction cleanup experience, we are leader in driving innovation to the northeast Ohio cleaning market.

O’Donnell Construction Cleaning Checklist

  • Dust Exterior Lights
  • Dust & Wipe All Windows
  • Clean Doors, Door Frames, and Doorknobs
  • Sweep & Vaccuum Entrance Ways
  • Removal of Any Construction Debris
  • Proper Cleaning and Removal of Dry Wall Dust
  • Dusting & Vacuuming of Cabinets & Counters
  • Trash Removal
  • Cleaning Toilets, Sinks, Showers, & Back-Splash
  • Proper Sanitation of Any Frequently Touched Areas
  • Cleaning of Closets, Grates & Vents
  • Proper Removal of Any Paint Splash

Cleaning Areas Covered

  • Entrances/Exits
  • Living/Common Areas
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Break Rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Outdoor Spaces
  • Patios
  • Basements

Routine Cleaning Guide

O’Donnell Cleaning is a team of experts very familiar completing construction cleaning services. We pay very close attention to detail and ensure that employees are following proper cleaning practices at all times. Before beginning a cleaning job we first focus on making the area as dust free as possible. Cleaning any dry wall dust and other debris before any wet wiping or moping occurs, allows for a faster and more efficient clean up. Our Team will first come in and Dry Wipe, Dry Mop, & Vacuum working from Top to Bottom & Back to Front. We use microfiber rags, followed by a wet/dry vacuum to ensure that most, if not all of the dust is gone immediately. Any fine dust areas will be re hit with a damp rag if not fully taken care of the with dry cleaning methods. Lastly a final clean sweeping & mopping will be applied to ensure a thorough post construction cleanup.

Our Work

The Grant

The Grant is an authentically urban, residential apartment building in the heart of Downtown Cleveland. Newly renovated apartments, left behind a mess of drywall, and other construction debris, taken care of by the O’Donnell Post Construction Cleaning Team. O’Donnell Cleaning’s experienced team and professional cleaning system allowed our team to efficiently clean every apartment in a timely manner. O’Donnell Cleaning is willing to work with any residential space, and is available for pre construction as well as post construction cleaning. As a regular provider of janitorial services, you know you are choosing an experienced cleaning team.